SPRINGFIELD, MASS., September 7, 2007 -- The journey to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and basketball immortality didn't begin with theAlbany Patroons or even the Chicago Bulls for Phil Jackson. It actually began some 38 years ago as a player with the New York Knicks.

將進行禪師的討論, 這位著名的教頭曾是紐約尼克的一員,
而除了名滿天下的公牛隊之外, 他還教過CBA的Albany Patroons.

(註:禪師在該隊的戰績為117勝90負, 並拿了CBA的最佳教練獎)

"The pivotal moment in my life was when I was injured, a career type of
ending injury with a spinal fusion, necessary for recovery," said Jackson this morning at the Hall of Fame press conference. "I missed the championship season in '69-70, which was the first championship the Knicks had won. During that period of time, Red took me under his wing, he didn't have an assistant coach, he made me his assistant coach and taught the game to me and taught me a lot about the game and encouraged me to go into coaching."

當我掛點的時候, 真是人生的十字路口阿~"

"尼克69年的冠軍戰我得養傷, 沒得打, 那可是球隊第一個冠軍咧~"

"當時我的教練真的很罩我, 他沒有專屬的助理教練, 所以就收我當小弟了,
而他不僅教我了解比賽, 也鼓勵我有朝一日也要執教鞭."

The phenomenal success Jackson has enjoyed coaching at the NBA level – nine championships, the fastest to reach 900 victories among the many highlights --- was no doubt aided by the brilliant play of future Hall of Fame players Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant, an innovative offensive system (the triangle offense) but ultimately a lot of credit goes to his steadfast belief in the total team concept.

禪師超屌的NBA執教紀錄當然是嚇人的 --
9座冠軍盃, 最快完成900勝, 以及那些同屬名人堂級的無數高光 --
佐敦皮本與俠客科比等人馳聘球場的出色表現; 還有承先啟後的戰術系統(三角老梗)


"I never consider myself to be an X and Os guy as far as a basketball guy," said Jackson. "Tex Winter, my assistant coach and colleague for the last 20 years, really loved the details and execution of basketball and would sit with me and we would do film sessions and we would do planning together. But the reality is basketball is based on chemistry, guys who want to play together, want to share the work together, want to sacrifice for each other and learn how to do that. I recognized that at early age and that was really a part of what I was participating in when I was a New York Knickerbocker player and that's what I took away from that experience."


"老朋友Winter20年來跟著我征戰大江南北, 跟我並肩作戰共謀大計,
對於戰術教導可謂鉅細靡遺, 不過呢, 事實上籃球場真正重要的還是化學效應, 一票人同心協力, 願意努力用心, 替戰友犧牲, 為戰友付出才是主要."

"這種信念是我以前在紐約學來的, 當我是尼克隊的一員, 我就流著尼克隊的血, 而這種經驗也就成為了日後執教風格的一部分."

(註: Tex Winter是公牛三角戰術的設計者, 還有, 禪師講話真官腔XD)

Jackson's unique ability to handle players, create a positive environment and maximize performance was no doubt inspired by his former coach.

"He always believed in what was called the middle path," said Jackson of Holzman. "I appreciated that, his ability to handle players, particularly a team that was full of college players of the year. Cazzie Russell and Bill Bradley were both competing for the same job, but the ability for both of them to play as a team directly reflected [Holzman's] ability to handle people and make them play as a group.

禪師特出的執教技能--掌握球員的心理, 創造積極正面的球隊氛圍,


"就感心, 他就是那種可以收服球員的教練, 球隊裡面有很多那種大學最佳球員的料, 像Cazzie Russell還有Bill Bradley都彼此競爭, 但我們教練就是可以教導大家, 為球隊而戰, 發揮良性競爭效應, 讓我們並肩作戰."

"That ability to handle people probably was the trademark that I learned more than anything else. He treated the superstars and role players very much in the same manner."

"這種教導風格鐵定是他的正字標記, 管你是大牌巨星還是龍套配角,

Before Jackson coached his first game of his inaugural season with the Bulls in '89-90, he sat down with Jordan and informed him that the team was going back to a system of basketball instead of individual sets. Jordan called it an equal opportunity offense but Jackson assured him his teammates would know how to get him the ball at the right time. Even though the Bulls started 0-3 that season, Jackson didn't waver and neither did Jordan. The rest is NBA history.

在禪師去公牛之前, 他先跟公牛老大麥可佐敦坐下來談日後球隊走向,
禪師說球隊要揚棄單邊搭配的打法, 講求整體系統戰.
佐敦說那老梗啦~ 就是齊頭平等打法而已.

雖然開季馬上來個3連敗先嚇嚇自己, 但禪師跟老喬都沒輕言放棄,
至於後面的戰績怎麼樣, 就已經是老梗中的老梗了.


"Phil really tried to get us all on the same page, get our minds working
together," said Pippen, who played nine seasons under Jackson. "He would gather us into a room and ask that everyone be quiet and just try to pull us in. Another time we had a yoga instructor who would sort of lead us through some of the mindfulness of studying about yoga and how it's good for the brain, the relaxation of it and things that you can hear, that you can get into this moment before you are able to hear these things. It was just a way of us really aligning ourselves to come together and be at peace and get our minds and everything working together as one. We always used that technique as part of calming ourselves down."

老皮說, 這位先生也跟禪師一起打了九年的的NBA.

"他會帶我們大家開一間房間. 請大家安靜坐下來, 

"然後有時候會找個瑜珈老師來, 教大家瑜珈的歡樂, 使用後人明顯的變聰明了, 還耳聰目明咧, 自從用了瑜珈之後, 我們一起升高到了一個祥和而天人合一的境界, 當我們抓狂的時候, 我們都用這招穩定我們的情緒."

Even today, Jackson's former teammates still marvel at this Maverick's
unlikely road to NBA coaching greatness.

"No, I wouldn't have predicted it," said Hall of Fame guard Clyde Frazier who made the trip up to Springfield to support his Knick teammate. "Phil really didn't like the rules and regulations at the time so I never saw him conforming to the team concept like that. Not that he didn't know the game, I just thought he had other interests."
What Frazier does see are the similarities between Jackson and his former coach.

即使到了今日, 禪師以前的老隊友也沒想到說禪師會這麼誤人子弟.
Clyde Frazier(尼克隊以前的招牌人物, 也是名人堂成員)說

"禪師那時候很不愛什麼球隊規定那套, 我也沒注意到他會注重什麼觀念啥小的, 想說這宅宅私底下不知道在衝啥小, 也不知道他對比賽了解這麼多."


"Phil is a players coach, I see a lot of Holzman's philosophy in him where he lets the players have an impact on what's going on and that's what Red used to do with us. Phil knows it's a players' game and that's what Red realized. He knows that if the players are happy that they'll perform better." While Jackson admits to being a great benefactor in inheriting talented players over the years, highlighted by Jordan and O'Neal, it's also important to note their championship resumes before his arrival.

"禪師是那種球員的教練, 而我們的老教練就是用那種方式教導我們,
他們都知道球員才是比賽的勝負關鍵. 球員心情爽打起來才會更帶勁"

而禪師對於球員的啟發已經是知名老梗, 但不能不提的另一大老梗,
就是在他執教之前, 佐敦跟俠客都指上猶虛的這件事實.

"It's interesting that both Michael and Shaq had been in the NBA for six
years before Phil became their coach and neither had won a championship,"
said Charley Rosen, longtime friend, co-author of two books with Jackson and former assistant coach when the Patroons won a CBA title in '84.

"很妙的巧合是, 俠客跟佐敦在禪師執教前, 都一樣打了六年沒半個冠軍"
禪師以前CBA的同事兼老友Charley Rosen說.

"One of the most difficult tasks in the NBA is to coach a great team, a team that is supposed to win because there are so many egos, strong egos, battling against each other and because expectations are so high. How do you get these guys to play hard all of the time? How do you get them to practice hard all of the time? How do you get them to pay attention to drills in practice? Phil was able to do that."

"在NBA, 帶一支超級強隊是最難的事情之一, 一支隊伍如果超強,
有那麼多好手在陣中, 大家的期望都會很高, 好像要打敗任何一隊才算數一樣. 但是要所有人都打的那麼賣命, 天天努力練習操到爆, 是很難的, 但禪師辦的到."

How would Jackson, who once drove the Patroons van while filling out The New York Times crossword puzzles, describe his journey to Springfield? A Long Strange Trip? Try a meteoric rise.
"It's been like a comet," said Jackson. "The success of the teams I've
coached has been just phenomenal. I've heard people say that I've been the luckiest coach that's ever been in the NBA and I would probably have to agree with them. I've been in the right spot at the right time."

And now a spot officially next to his mentor and former coach, Red Holzman, in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

從CBA到名人堂, 這一段心路歷程, 禪師自己又怎麼想呢?


"有人認為我是運氣最好的教練, 我想這些人說的也沒錯,
我確實是在正確的時刻裡, 站在正確的位置上."

如今, 禪師可以繼續追隨他的恩師, Red Holzman,

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